‘La Candidata’ Telenovela: Silvia Navarro Confirmed To Star In Televisa Soap (VIDEO)

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Silvia Navarro has been confirmed as the star of Televisa’s new telenovela La Candidata. Producer Giselle Gonzalez confirmed the news on her Twitter: “Great pleasure knowing the extraordinary work of Silvia Navarro, what an honor making you La Candidata.” Production of the soap has been underway at the Televisa studios in San Angel with Navarro sharing the set with actors like Rafael Sánchez Navarro and Susana Gonzalez who are confirmed for the project as well.

Casting for La Candidata has continued today for a character called Adriana. Production has described her as the lead character’s right hand woman. Actresses up for the role are Marcia Coutiño, Lisset, Isadora Gonzalez, Andrea TorreMontserrat Marañón, Fernanda Borches among others.

Silvia Navarro was last seen on the small screen in the comedy Mi Corazón Es Tuyo. In this production she gave life to Ana Leal, an undeniably beautiful woman, her smile and charisma cast a spell on anyone. She is optimistic and a hard worker. Her necessity to get ahead in life lead her to become a nanny. Ana and her enthusiasm will turn the Lascurain home upside down, and it will bring happiness back to herself.

On La Candidata she would play Camila Santamaria, a charismatic politician assumed to be dead after a tragic accident. Upon her return, she begins to uncover her husband’s corrupt ways and ultimately decides to challenge him in a race to be the next President. Watch video and photos of La Candidata’s casting process below!

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