Vanessa Huppenkothen Joins ESPN Deportes: Watch Former Televisa Host Make Debut (VIDEO)

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Vanessa Huppenkothen has found a new home after being fired from Televisa. The Mexican beauty has landed a job on ESPN Deportes, the cable network in Spanish that talks about sports. Huppenkothen had been quiet after her exit from Mexicó’s largest broadcaster, but had been hinting her return. It was today that it was made official that Vanessa was joining the cable network.

In an interview with José Ramón Fernández, Vanessa made her debut on ESPN México. Joserra had trouble pronouncing Huppenkothen’s last name but introduced her as “a young woman, well prepared, pretty and most importantly intelligent.”

Fernández who was a pioneer on TV Azteca’s sports department before doing the same at ESPN México asked Vanessa what was the reason she wanted to join the network. “I wanted to grow professionally,” she said. “I want to learn, contribute, add and that’s why I’m here, to learn from the best and I join this great team and this is my new home.”

Watch Vanessa tease viewers with what is to come for her on ESPN Deportes and a fragment of her interview on “Los Capitanes” below and tell us what you think in the comments section!



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